Benefit Consulting

It’s important you coordinate and maximize your benefits to assure two things:  you are not wasting money, and, to the extent possible, you are saving money.  Call Jeanie for help; benefits can be confusing, but they don’t have to be.  Jeanie is here to guide you through the process!

Medicare Supplements

When a person goes on Medicare, getting a supplement is important to help pay for gaps in your health insurance.  Jeanie approaches the subject by educating her clients so you can make the best decision for your individual situation.  Don’t make the mistake of not learning what supplements are and how they work.  Find the best plan for you!

Prescription Plans

Part D is the prescription drug plan component of your Medicare. Depending on your situation, there are over 20 plans plus Senior Care for you to consider.  Federal guidelines are very strict.  You must have a drug plan to avoid a penalty that will follow you the rest of your life.  Do not let this happen to you! 


Also, drug plans change every year (October 15 - December 7); it’s important to work with someone who knows how to analyze each plan and how your prescriptions fit into those plans to get you the best price.  Jeanie will provide you this service annually at no cost. 

Social Security 

If you need assistance in signing up for Social Security, Jeanie also specializes in that service.  

Need help deciding when to take your Social Security? Not sure if you want to collect at age 62 - 65 or full retirement age?  All these questions can be addressed with comfort and ease at your personal FREE consultation with Jeanie! 

Dental Insurance

This is a favorite topic of Jeanie's.  Jeanie is a former dental hygienist, and she heard all too often patients say they stayed away from getting their teeth cleaned because they didn’t have dental insurance.  As a result, small inexpensive dental issues became big costly procedures.  Prevent these problems!  Jeanie can assist you in finding affordable dental insurance so you don’t avoid those very important appointments with your hygienist and dentist.

Cancer Insurance

We all know someone who has been dealt this devastating diagnosis.  When this occurs, your family faces an emotional burden.  Jeanie will help you create a plan to minimize the financial burden.  Please be

proactive as well as prepared!

While your health insurance may cover medical costs, this policy will assist in covering such things as:

  • Transportation costs

  • Wigs

  • Home assistance (ex:  snow removal, lawn care, housekeeping, etc.)

  • Other

Life Insurance

Concerned about what could possibly happen to your loved ones if something happened to you?  Let’s talk about life insurance plans that could help your family avoid a financial disaster.  It’s that important.


Do you have a 401K or profit sharing plan you want to rollover?  Let Jeanie help you protect your hard earned sweat equity.   Discuss with Jeanie and take care of that nest egg.

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Jeanie Madalon of Madalon Retirement Services LLC, represents a superior product with a quality rating and customer service. However, she is committed to connecting you with the benefits and services that will best serve you...even if that means referring to another company or community program. Madalon Retirement Services, LLC is not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or the Federal Medicare Program.